25-mm Coaxial Anti-Aircraft 94-KM,The USSR

Weight in firing position: 1200/2150
Aiming reach in height: 2000 m / horizontally: 2400 m
Rate of fire: 240 rounds / min
Weight and muzzle velocity: 0.28 kg; 910 m / s
Combat crew: 6 people.

At the end of 1943, a twin automatic lug 94-KM was designed at the design bureau of plant No. 88 (Mytishchi). The gun had two 25-mm 72-K assault rifles. The sight, horizontal guidance mechanisms, the machine and the wagon were taken from the 37-mm 61-K cannon, and the swivel mechanism was taken from the 37-mm 70-K ship assault rifle.

The transition time of the installation from the traveling position to the combat position was 30 seconds. Calculation – 9 people. Often, 25-mm twin mounts were installed on ZIS-11 vehicles, which were an elongated ZIS-5 truck chassis.

Installation 94-KM had many design flaws, including unsatisfactory accuracy of the sight, smoke during firing and frequent failures of machine guns. In 1944, plant No. 88 manufactured 12 installations 94-KM, and in 1945 – 225. The production of the installation was discontinued in 1945.

Tactical and technical characteristics:

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