76-mm Divisional Gun Bl-14,Technical Specifications – The USSR

76-mm Divisional Gun Bl-14 Technical Details

  • Years of issue – 1944
  • Total released – no data
  • Caliber – 76 mm
  • Weight in firing position – 1300 kg
  • Barrel length – 4572 mm
  • Threaded length – no data
  • Calculation – 6 people
  • Travel speed – up to 50 km / h
  • Rate of fire – up to 20 rds / min
  • The greatest firing range – 14,000 m
  • Direct fire range – up to 940 m
  • Shooting angles:
  • Horizontal – 54 °
  • Vertical – 5 ° + 28 °

76-mm Divisional Gun Bl-14 Details

Another example of the 76-mm divisional gun, created in accordance with the GKO decree No. 3187 of April 15, 1943, which demanded to strengthen the anti-tank defense of the Red Army, was the 76-mm divisional gun BL-14, designed in 1944 in OKB-172 of the NKVD of the USSR ( Perm) under the leadership of M.Yu. Tsirulnikova.

The front urgently needed a divisional (anti-tank) gun capable of penetrating the reinforced armor of promising German tanks. And it was developed by designers in Perm, using the ZIS-3 gun carriage, already well mastered in production, on which an elongated barrel (which was a free tube) was superimposed. The breech and a powerful two-chamber muzzle brake were screwed onto the barrel and locked. The 76-mm divisional gun BL-14 had a screw lifting mechanism. Vertical wedge shutter with semiautomatic mechanical (copy) type. Rollback brake – hydraulic. The reel is hydropneumatic.

The carriage with torsion bar suspension had sliding tubular frames and a shield cover designed to protect the crew and the mechanisms of the gun from bullets and shrapnel. The shield consisted of two sheets.

The lengthening of the barrel made it possible to increase the combat characteristics of the gun. An armor-piercing projectile weighing 6.5 kg had an initial speed of 900 m / s and a maximum firing range of up to 14,000 m. A sub-caliber projectile weighing 3.02 kg had an initial speed of 1260 m / s. The armor-piercing projectile of the BL-14 cannon from a distance of 500 m at an angle of 90 ° pierced the armor with a thickness of 117 mm, and the sub-caliber projectile – 230-mm armor, while the standard divisional gun ZIS-3 had these characteristics – 70 and 125 mm (respectively ). However, the 76-mm divisional (anti-tank) gun BL-14 was not adopted by the Red Army for the same reasons as its competitor, the TsAKB V.G. Grabina – ZIS-S-58-1.

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