After Sales Service,How important is it ?

In this article we will tell you some of the essential after-sales service examples to ensure customer satisfaction in any company.

After sales service is an essential part of any online shopping service. In this article we will tell you some of the best examples of after sales service so that you can implement them in your own company.

What is after sales service and how important is it?

Post-sale service refers to the set of processes that are carried out after completing a sale . Its objective is to ensure a good experience for the buyer and, in this way, ensure their loyalty .

Examples of after sales service

Although each company must have an after-sales service appropriate to the product or service it offers, there are certain tips that are applicable to any business. Here we explain some of the most relevant.

1. Ask buyers for opinions

One of the best examples of good practices that can be carried out in an after-sales service is to request the customer’s opinion once the purchase has been completed . In this way, the buyer will be able to assess the process as a whole and, if deemed appropriate, complete said opinion with a comment. In addition, we can also design a short form adapted to the needs of the company. This information is especially valuable for the seller, since it allows him to know which elements of the sale can be improved and which of them are the ones that offer the best response from customers. It should not be forgotten that the best sales strategy is one focused on the consumer, so it will always be necessary to keep him in mind.

2. Offer discounts

Once you have the customer’s data after a first purchase , you are in a position to build loyalty. For this, it is highly recommended to offer discounts on our products or services from time to time. This will help reinforce the company’s presence in the buyer’s mind , and allow new purchases to be closed.

3. Contact on special dates

Another example of after-sales service that can be carried out and that gives very good results is by contacting old clients on special dates . For example, birthdays and parties. In this way, through a personalized greeting, the bond between the company and the customer will be strengthened , and may even favor a new purchase.

4. Offer relevant additional content

One of the best practices that can be carried out in relation to old clients is to offer them relevant content and that is adapted to their personal tastes . In this sense, maintaining a correspondence based on a newsletter that provides interesting information about our products and services is a good way to promote a useful and productive after-sales service.

5. Have efficient customer service

In addition to the previous examples of after-sales service, mainly focused on buyer loyalty, it is essential to have a customer service that solves problems when they appear . In this sense, it is highly recommended that, in addition to having a contact via e-mail , also have a phone number or social networks that serve so that the client can contact the company. In this way, if the client wishes to make a claim, they will find several communication channels to choose from . Finally, in addition to having several contact channels, it is essential that customer service is efficient. That isresolve buyer issues quickly and effectively , be they regarding the product or the logistics dispatch process .

As you can see, the importance of the post-sale service lies in the need to ensure a good experience for the buyer and also to achieve loyalty as a regular customer . In this sense, the aforementioned after-sales service examples are some of the most basic that any company should have. However, these good practices will always be expandable and adaptable to each type of business, which will ensure an optimal after-sales service in each case.

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