The Characteristics of Good Customer Service

The importance of offering good customer service is present in any company, including those in the logistics sector. At the end of the day, customer satisfaction is what will determine that said customer is loyal to the product or service offered by a certain company and, consequently, that the customer remains loyal or not, which implies that they choose again repeat the service provided with the same company or look for an alternative that offers a better service. Also including customer service in logistics .

What does good customer service mean?

In short, good customer service means that the customer is fully satisfied with the product and service received. In other words, that the shopping experience is, as a whole, satisfactory enough to repeat in the future.

Importance of good customer service 

The customer is the final element of the activity of any company, since it is the real consumer who is going to acquire a certain product or service. Hence the importance of good customer service , since it will be the key that will determine customer satisfaction.

A satisfied customer will use the same company again and, in addition to becoming a loyal customer, they can also attract other potential customers. This is what is called a brand ambassador. A buyer who has received good service will speak well of the brand and the service received, which will attract new potential customers. Therefore, the importance of good customer service should not be seen only in the short term, but rather in the long term, since it has enormous potential when it comes to expanding sales.

Characteristics of good customer service

Some of the main characteristics of good customer service are the following:

  • Show empathy for the buyer’s needs. 
  • Have an agile service and, above all, decisive. 
  • Anticipate possible problems that may arise. 
  • Clear, fluent and concise communication. 
  • Offer a personalized experience. 
  • That the customer has the feeling of having received an excellent service .

These are some of the main characteristics of good customer service . However, each case and each company has its own circumstances, so it will always be necessary to adapt to each situation.

Keys to good customer service 

There are certain keys to good customer service that are common to logistics companies and that, broadly speaking, can be the starting point of any good customer service that they can provide:

1. Make life easier for customers

If there is a rule that must be applied to any logistics process that aspires to be good customer service, that is to make life easier for customers. It should be borne in mind that customers (as well as companies) choose logistics companies so that they do not have to be the ones in charge of logistics issues. In this way, the final objective of the logistics sector must be to facilitate the entire process as a whole, adapting and updating as far as possible when this is necessary.

2. Delivery within the estimated time

Another of the most important aspects of good customer service in the logistics sector is delivery dates. This is one of the most fundamental aspects, since, as already mentioned, they contribute to making the customer’s life considerably easier. This implies that deliveries are made at the estimated time; not after, but not before.

3. Communication between company and client

Likewise, one of the most important aspects when offering good customer service is that there is clear and fluid communication between the customer and the company. This allows to update deliveries and logistics processes in real time, which improves the efficiency of deliveries and the satisfaction of the end customer, who will become a happy customer .

4. Flexibility of the service or ability to adapt to new scenarios

In addition, another of the keys to good customer service in the logistics sector is that said service has the ability to adapt to changes or unforeseen events, whether these are due to delivery circumstances or the customer’s own demands. An inflexible strategy is directly related to customer dissatisfaction . 

5. After-sales service and reverse logistics

Finally, it is worth mentioning another of the elements that most help to provide good customer service in the logistics sector, which is none other than after-sales service and reverse logistics. Once the product has been delivered, the customer may not find it in the conditions that he considers optimal and may choose to return it. In this case, it is essential that reverse logistics processes are efficient and fast, which will reduce the bad impression of the customer caused by a product that has not satisfied them.

Example of good customer service 

An example of good customer service can be found at Productos Paraíso. Paraíso is the number one company in the manufacture and distribution of mattresses in Peru. Its objective is to seek quality and full customer satisfaction. One of the problems I had when offering good customer service was the need to give a certain time for the arrival of the product to the customer. In this way, the uncertainty regarding the dispatch is reduced and the client becomes a happy client . 

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