Customer Centric: Examples of Customer Centric Strategy

Have you heard of the customer centric strategy ? Although all companies have the customer in mind, many of them are more focused on the market than on the consumer. However, when a company focuses its entire perspective on the customer, with the aim of achieving both loyalty and satisfaction, that is when we speak of customer centric . A strategy already practiced by international companies such as Ikea or Amazon, among others.

What is a customer centric strategy?

Customer centric translates into Spanish as customer centric . It is a business strategy that takes the client as a point of reference when carrying out any process or action.

This goes much further than just offering a good service that guarantees consumer satisfaction in the short term, but also takes into account all aspects related to the user experience (especially important in e-commerce ), from the moment prior to the sale, during the sale process, after-sales service and final customer satisfaction regarding the purchase made and the positioning that the company has in the buyer’s mind. In other words, a customer centric strategy is designed entirely on the consumer, adopting a complete 360º approach. In other words, a global approach.

Advantages of a customer centric strategy

Some of the main advantages of opting for a customer centric strategy are the following:

A customer centric strategy achieves long-term customer loyalty.

It allows to expand sales by having customers more loyal to the brand.

It helps the company to position itself very positively in the buyer’s mind.

It is the best way to guarantee that you will have a “ happy customer ”.

Get the customer to end up becoming a brand ambassador.

How to apply customer centric strategies

When applying a customer centric strategy , one of the first aspects that must be taken into account is the need to adapt it to each type of customer that the company has. In any case, most customer centric strategies have three fundamental elements in common:

Customer segmentation

One of the most important elements of any customer centric strategy is customer differentiation. That is, not treating all clients equally, but adapting the company-client relationship according to the individual and particular needs of each client. Due to this, a necessary first step in any customer centric strategy consists of segmenting customers according to their particular characteristics in order to offer them an adapted service that truly responds to their specific needs. For example, in the case of a logistics management company , the aspects related to the last mile service are especially important , since they will determine in a decisive way the satisfaction of the end customer.

Active listening

Another fundamental element of any customer centric strategy is active listening or, what is the same, that there is fluid communication between company and customer and that this listening serves to solve customer needs. In this sense, traditional customer service is essential, but social networks and the chats they offer should not be neglected.

Facilitate the customer journey

Customer journey is understood to be the entire process that the customer carries out from the moment they have a need until they satisfy it. Facilitating this process implies that each of its phases are simple, fast and efficient, for which it is necessary to design the processes in advance and put yourself in the client’s shoes.

Examples of customer centric

Paraíso: One of the examples of successful customer centric we have in the company Paraíso. The number one company in the manufacture and delivery of mattresses aims to seek quality and customer satisfaction. To do this, it adopts the buyer’s perspective and focuses its activity on their needs.
Promart: Promart managed to exceed 98.5% effectiveness in its dispatches. Something that responds directly to the real needs of customers and that has allowed it to position itself as a leading company in the sector and become an example of customer centric success.

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