Customer Delivery : The Critical Moment of the Logistics Process

Customer Delivery and its crucial logistics process

Delivery to the customer is the most important moment in the entire logistics process since, to a large extent, customer satisfaction with the entire purchase depends on it. For this reason, it is essential to ensure that it is carried out in the conditions that the client expects and wants and, above all, to have the necessary tools to guarantee it.

What is customer delivery

In logistics, delivery to the customer is the time of dispatch of the order . That is, it is the moment in which the customer or consumer receives their order, which has gone through the entire previous logistical process that has allowed it to arrive from the factory or point of production to the customer’s hands.

Why customer delivery matters ?

Delivery to the customer is the most critical moment in the entire logistics process. This is because, depending on the conditions and characteristics in which it is carried out, we will be dealing with a satisfied or dissatisfied customer . That is, a customer who will approve the service received or not, which in turn will allow customer loyalty or not.

In this sense, it must be taken into account that customer satisfaction does not come only from the product received, but also from the conditions in which it is received. When a buyer acquires a product that requires a prior logistics process until it reaches his hands, he is buying both the product itself and the logistics process that allows the product in question to reach him. That is, you acquire a physical product, but also the conditions of time and form in which the product must be available to the consumer . These conditions of time and form do not depend on the product itself, but on the logistics process behind it and, of the entire process, the last mile and the delivery itself to the customer play a preponderant role in the value of the process.

How to analyze customer satisfaction ?

Due to the importance of delivery to the customer, it is essential to carry out analysis and control processes of the dispatches that allow knowing the degree of customer satisfaction with the service received. To carry out this analysis, it is essential to use appropriate tools , such as KPIs.

The KPIs are key performance indicators . In other words, they are formulas that allow obtaining concrete information in different processes and situations and that, applied to the logistics sector, allow, among other things, obtaining concrete and measurable information on the level of customer satisfaction with the service received. They can be applied to any process, be it a production or transport process, and also to the degree of customer satisfaction with a specific service.

In this way, by selecting and applying appropriate KPIs to the customer delivery processes , objective information is obtained that offers a real and concrete vision of the degree of customer satisfaction .

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