Customer Focus in Logistics: Benefits, Example and Tools

Learn about an example of customer focus that you can apply in your company. We explain the procedure and two tools for customer focus.

The customer focus has become a fundamental pillar to improve the shopping experience, which is quite relevant considering that the profitability of the company depends on it. 1 in 3 customers is willing to abandon their favorite brand after having only one negative experience, and nearly 5 in 10 customers would do so after several. This is stated in the PwC report Experience Is Everything .

This panorama reveals that consumers not only attach importance to the quality of the products, but also to all the services related to the purchase (home delivery, customer service , after-sales, technical service, etc.). Therefore, companies must take into account customer focus when designing sales logistics processes and associated services, in order to offer satisfactory shopping experiences that promote loyalty.

What is “customer focus” or customer centric?

The approach to the client or customer centric is a strategy which aims to align culture, logistics, processes, marketing and technology company with the needs and aspirations of its customers. In this way, the organization puts itself in the place of the consumer to understand them, and thus be able to provide them with more value and an excellent brand experience that allows them to become a happy and satisfied customer .

Therefore, companies with a well-developed customer focus are able to create strong and lasting relationships between themselves and their consumers.

Characteristics of the customer approach

Customer-centric strategies vary from company to company. However, there are various characteristics of the customer approach that are global, and that apply to any business model that seeks to retain its market loyalty.

Here are some of the main characteristics of the customer focus:

  • The processes are oriented to customer satisfaction : in the customer approach, all operations aim to improve the scale of consumer satisfaction . Every decision made and every action plan answers the following question: How does this benefit the customer experience?
  • Communication is fluid and personalized : customer-focused companies are communicative and attentive, providing their consumers with a personalized and effective experience through an omnichannel communication strategy, thus avoiding any possible customer dissatisfaction .
  • Consumer loyalty is rewarded : companies focused on their customers recognize their loyalty. Due to this, they execute compensation techniques for brand loyalty such as offers, promotions, coupons, among other relevant initiatives for the consumer.
  • Customer opinion is collected, analyzed and valued : within the customer focus model, customer opinion is crucial, since it allows the company to identify if its strategy is effective or if there are opportunities for improvement. Satisfaction indicators come into play here to precisely measure customer satisfaction .

Benefits of customer focus in logistics

With the rise of e-commerce, logistics has become an increasingly important element for companies, which must deliver their products using vehicle fleets. At this point, buyers are increasingly demanding and demanding, which makes it necessary to develop customer-focused strategies at the logistics level .

Among the benefits of customer focus in logistics are the ability to optimize delivery schedules, deal with unforeseen events effectively and keep the buyer informed in real time about the status of their order. In this way, uncertainty, mistrust and customer complaints are eliminated .

Example of customer focus in logistics

Next, we present an example of customer focus where the logistics operations manager must evaluate the best solutions to the problems described. Let’s see:

An e-commerce specialized in the sale of household appliances decided to start implementing customer focus in its last-mile logistics . To begin, a preliminary analysis of the situation was carried out, reaching the following conclusions:

Delivery times are late, customers receive the product two or three hours late.
Customers make numerous calls to the call center to find out the status of their order.
Faced with these issues, the operations manager must make customer-centric decisions that optimize last-mile processes to improve delivery service . Some of the solutions you might opt ​​for are:

Optimize routes to minimize delivery times.
Manage and monitor each dispatch in real time.
Enable a tracking system for the end customer.
In this example of customer focus, it is possible to choose one or all of the proposed solutions, since they are complementary to each other and together they can improve the buyer’s experience much more.

Tools for customer focus in logistics

In logistics, there are a number of specialized technologies capable of optimizing processes and improving the brand experience by focusing on consumer satisfaction, especially in such crucial stages as last-mile deliveries.

Some of these tools for customer focus in delivery logistics are:

LastMile : is a software with real-time tracking functions of transport units, online order search engine, verification of deliveries, notifications to the client about the status of their order, among others.

PlannerPro : is a software specialized in the design, planning and management of distribution routes. With this tool it is possible to set objectives, define schedules, classify customers in order of importance, estimate the cost of delivery, among other functions.
Both tools belong to the Beetrack system , which helps logistics companies to offer faster and more effective deliveries to customers, thus improving their shopping experiences.

How is the customer focus procedure with Beetrack?

Beetrack, through its different technologies, allows companies to have a very comprehensive and precise planning and monitoring mechanism. Thanks to this, each company can provide a last-mile service with a customer focus .

To achieve this, the customer approach procedure with Beetrack consists of setting one or several objectives that the company needs to achieve, such as reducing delivery times, finding more direct distribution routes, monitoring the use of transport units, reducing the number of calls to the call center for questions from customers about orders, among others.

Once the objectives are set, the company defines the tool it needs, and based on that tool it establishes the level of participation of those involved (logistics manager, carriers and customers).

For example, by using LastMile, the company increases the visibility of its processes to reduce errors, solve problems that cause delays and eliminate uncertainty for its customers, since they can check the status of their orders in real time. All this is possible since the software uses the A-GPS of the carriers’ cell phones to be able to track them during deliveries.

On the other hand, with the use of PlannerPro, the company reduces planning times and optimizes delivery schedules, being able to quickly and effectively design the most suitable distribution routes for deliveries, taking into account factors such as delivery conditions. roads, distances between delivery points, possible alternative routes in case of incidents on the main road, etc.

Customer-focused companies

There are many companies that have adopted the customer approach in order to be more competitive and improve post-purchase behavior . By developing a clear strategy and using the right technologies, these organizations have succeeded.

Here are some success stories of companies focused on the customer in logistics:

CIC company with customer focus

CIC is a Chilean company that provides home furnishing solutions, from design to last-mile delivery. Previously, CIC had a well-defined problem: its old delivery system did not tell the customer what time their order would arrive, they were only informed that their product would arrive between 8:00 am and 09:00 pm that same day. . This lack of precision created uncertainty for buyers, which resulted in poor customer service .

Determined to become a customer-focused company , CIC implemented Beetrack technology to manage its delivery times. Nowadays, with this new system, people can enter the website and know what the status of their furniture purchases is and they can also know what time the product will arrive with a precision range of two hours. With this, the customer is more satisfied with the delivery service offered by the company.

Promart company with customer focus

Promart is a Peruvian company dedicated to the sale of supplies for home improvement. Since they decided to venture into online sales, they had to excessively communicate with their customers in order to reach the destination and proceed with the assembly of the furniture at home, one of the services offered by the brand.

Promart decided to optimize its customer focus with the Beetrack tool . In this way, they not only manage to follow up on all deliveries for online sales, but also, it is no longer necessary to contact the customer so many times for the assembly service. Now, the buyer can use the chatbot on the page and consult about the process of assembling the furniture to its destination. With this, the company has greatly improved its last mile customer service features .

With the use of the right technologies, e-commerce can make the most of such momentous stages as the last mile. Beetrack is an important ally for many brands, since in addition to intervening in crucial processes for the delivery service, it also allows companies to know the level of satisfaction of their customers through CSAT and NPS surveys . With this, the organization has a clear idea of ​​the effectiveness of its customer focus strategy .

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