Customer Satisfaction Survey Model: CSAT and NPS

Having a customer satisfaction survey model is necessary so that the business can analyze the quality of the service it offers. This is especially important when making last-mile deliveries, since the buyer is the only one capable of objectively evaluating whether the company has provided good or bad service during the delivery process of a product.
In this context, a customer satisfaction survey model is the most appropriate tool to identify, through the buyer’s responses, which are the logistics, service or sales aspects that should be optimized in order to generate more pleasant experiences and avoid customer dissatisfaction .

Importance of the customer satisfaction survey model

The main importance of the customer satisfaction survey model is that, thanks to the information obtained through this tool, managers can evaluate the effectiveness of the processes in order to make better strategic decisions that seek to create happy customers .

For example, in the case of companies that offer last-mile delivery services, having a customer satisfaction survey model is important because it allows them to know if buyers are satisfied or not with delivery times, with the treatment of carriers, with the conditions of the goods, among others.

If the company finds that customers are not satisfied with any of these elements, then managers can take steps to either improve delivery times, train carriers in customer service , etc.

Thus, thanks to satisfaction surveys, companies can design or redesign services with which customers feel comfortable. This improves post-purchase behavior and loyalty, and encourages buyers to express positive feedback about the business and recommend it in their social circles.

Customer satisfaction survey formats

In the logistics sector, there are two very popular and effective customer satisfaction survey models , these are the CSAT and the NPS .

Both satisfaction survey formats are characterized by the simplicity they offer to be answered by buyers, as well as the ease they offer managers to analyze and interpret the responses received. Thus, in case the experience is not satisfactory for the client, it will be easy to determine the reason and, later, design corrective and timely strategies.

Next, let’s see in detail what the CSAT and NPS customer satisfaction survey models consist of:

CSAT Customer Satisfaction Survey Model

The CSAT ( Customer Satisfaction ) customer satisfaction survey model seeks to collect responses, precisely, about the level of satisfaction that the buyer has with a service, product or company in general.

To achieve this, this satisfaction survey format is based on a question for the customer , which is usually:

How would you evaluate your satisfaction with the service provided?

To answer, there are different survey formats that offer options with points numbered from 1 to 5, or bars with color scales from red to green, or stars and even emojis that go from sad / annoyed expressions to happy expressions.

This particular survey format seeks to measure buyer satisfaction on 3 factors: shipping, customer service , and product. It also has an additional comment box either to receive additional information or customer complaints .

NPS customer satisfaction survey template

The customer satisfaction survey model NPS ( Net Promoter Score ), or promoter net score survey, is a tool designed to measure buyer loyalty to the company.

Therefore, unlike the CSAT survey where the customer gives their opinion about the service received, in the NPS survey the company specifically evaluates its loyalty. However, by knowing their degree of loyalty, it is also possible to know their level of satisfaction, since they are two closely related elements. Hence, both the CSAT and the NPS are considered as two complementary satisfaction indicators .

In this sense, the data to be calculated with the NPS satisfaction survey format is obtained through a simple question, which can be like the following:

“To what extent would you recommend our service to a friend?”

To answer, the NPS customer satisfaction survey model offers the options on a numerical scale from 1 to 10.

Continuing with the LastMile logistics software , this reflects the results obtained during each surveyed month. These results are plotted and averaged to obtain a final result.

Finally, it should be clear that both models of customer satisfaction surveys (CSAT and NPS) are very effective alternatives to maintain a statistical control regarding the experience of buyers compared to the delivery service offered to them. For this reason, logistics systems like LastMile are essential. And it is that just as customers need to be satisfied with the services they receive, logistics managers need buyers to express their satisfaction in the fastest, easiest and most effective way possible.

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