Customer Service Goals : What the Consumer Is Looking for?

To meet customer service goals, it is essential to have a strategy focused on the needs and demands of the consumer.

The customer service objectives of a company are to get customers during the sale and, above all, to retain them after the sale is concluded. For this reason, it is essential to understand what is going through the consumer’s head and, especially, to ensure a good shopping experience throughout the process.

What is customer service

Customer service is the attention or willingness to communicate with your customers in order to solve any possible problem or question that they may have regarding their purchasing processes or after-sales experience .

The most common thing is that it deals with solving questions related to queries, claims, delivery of orders or, even, regarding the sale of any of its products. In any case, customer service will always adapt to answer and solve any question that the customer raises. Therefore, its scope of action is very wide and flexible.

Customer service goals

The objectives of customer service are basically two:

  • Win new customers.
  • Loyalty clients already obtained.

This is done by providing a continuous and customer-focused service . Or, in other words, being at the consumer’s disposal to help them throughout the purchase process , from before deciding to purchase, at the time of purchase and, not least, after making the purchase.

This implies designing a specific service strategy that, above all, ensures that customer service objectives are met and that they are adapted to both the type of product and the type of company and, above all, to the needs and demands of the customer. own consumer.

How to establish a correct customer service strategy

There is no single way to meet a company’s customer service goals. Each sales process has its own characteristics and, consequently, it will be necessary to adapt the customer service strategy to each particular case .

However, there are a series of general rules that can be considered as good practices when establishing this strategy, since they are common to most purchasing processes. Some of the most important are the following:

  1. Actively offer help

In order to meet customer service objectives, it is important that this service acts actively on consumer demands. It is not enough to be available in the event that the client requires it. Access must be facilitated at all times , so that the consumer does not feel that accessing customer service is complex and tedious.

  1. Respond quickly to customer needs

One of the essential elements is that, in addition to being accessible, the customer service offers solutions in a short time . The customer needs solutions when they demand them. If a claim is prolonged excessively in time the shopping experience as a whole will be bad.

  1. Speak the consumer’s language

It seems like a no-brainer, but it’s important to keep that in mind. Customer service should promote easy and fluid communication , so it is important to have staff who speak the same language as the people who buy your product or service.

  1. Offer a personalized treatment to each client

One of the objectives of customer service is to achieve loyalty and, for this, it is essential that the relationship between the company and the consumer contributes personality to each purchase. For this reason, you must choose to treat each client personally, calling them by name and, if the issue requires several deadlines, that the same person attend each request.

  1. Monitor the customer satisfaction index through a standardized system

Finally, to ensure that customer service objectives are met, it is necessary to measure the customer satisfaction index . Furthermore, it is just as necessary that this measurement be carried out using a standardized system . In this way, it will be possible to compare past data with current data, and obtain more specific information on how the customer satisfaction index is evolving and if it is necessary to take concrete actions to improve it.


Having a well-defined customer service focused on achieving specific objectives is a great strength for any company. In this way, a long-term relationship with consumers is ensured, which plays to the benefit of the company itself.

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