Electronic Businesses With Transportation and Warehousing

Electronic businesses with transportation and warehousing must adapt to trends in order to meet the growing demand projected for 2021.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the boom in electronic business and home delivery transportation has accelerated relentlessly. In fact, the new business normality for 2021 is expected to be characterized by the fact that e-commerce is the main retail sales channel worldwide. Therefore, from now on, companies must project into the future and anticipate trends in electronic commerce , adopting the best available resources for the storage and delivery of their products in a new normal based on social distancing and maximum digitization. of the processes.

Trends in e-business and transportation in 2021

The electronic transport business last mile must adapt to the new needs of increasingly demanding consumers, adopting the corporate ICT needed to deliver effective deliveries (at times and under conditions agreed with the client).

In this context, some of the eLogistics trends that are gaining more force on e-business and transportation for 2021 are the following: 

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E-business and transportation with safe deliveries

The pandemic has prioritized purchasing processes with biosecurity measures, including safe deliveries in the last mile, to prevent the carrier and the buyer from being exposed to contagion. For this, electronic and delivery transport businesses have adopted the use of specialized tools to make deliveries without any type of physical contact ( contactless ).

E-business and autonomous vehicle transportation

Autonomous transportation is another method for making contactless deliveries. These are vehicles that do not need a driver and that have the necessary technologies to perceive the environment, implement effective self-driving techniques and reach the indicated destination.

For example , Starship is a technology company that makes small robot vehicles capable of transporting goods from one point to another within a radius of 6 kilometers. Thus, e-businesses with autonomous transport can send packages to their customers and monitor the entire journey through a smartphone. These types of innovative products for the logistics sector will play a key role in the new normal of 2021. 

E-business and transportation with better planned routes

Considering that the last mile is increasingly important for electronic business and logistics transportation , it is essential to make this stage more productive and profitable. One way to do this is to plan delivery routes to reduce delivery times, something that can be achieved with the use of technology in business of e-commerce .

One of these specialized tools is PlannerPro by Beetrack, a planning software that allows you to design and optimize routes, reduce delivery distances, increase punctuality and speed, and manage dispatches, thus improving service in the last mile. .

Trends in Electronic businesses and warehousing in 2021

The forecast for 2021 on the growth of online orders due to the new normal requires that companies must have greater control of the products that are in the warehouse, and those that are dispatched or returned. To achieve this, electronic businesses with their own storage must implement measures such as the following:

  • Electronic businesses with storage in dark stores

The e – business with storage in dark stores are companies that do not have a physical store open to the public, as they sell a 100% virtual. The physical spaces they have are warehouses equipped as logistics centers where they carry out all the necessary storage and dispatch processes to the end customer. This makes them an innovative type of business .

In the gastronomic world there are also dark stores , but in this case they are called dark kitchens , which are spaces dedicated to preparing dishes only to be sent home. Example of e – business with storage type dark store is Dark Kitchen Factory , a Chilean company that leases kitchens optimized for delivery. Its spaces have the necessary equipment and a strategic location to easily reach the sectors with the highest demand. 

Electronic businesses with more strategic storage

Due to the increasing demand for home orders, it is very necessary to have electronic businesses with intelligently located storage . That is to say, that the wineries are in central locations, to have the widest possible geographic coverage and thus be able to reach customers more quickly and effectively. Therefore, by 2021, the location of the warehouses will be a very important business strategy decision .

An example of strategic warehousing is Walmart Chile , which opened a dark store in Greater Concepción, a location that favors quick product deliveries in the districts of San Pedro de la Paz, Concepción, Hualpén and Talcahuano, thus optimizing service in the latter mile.  

The electronic transport and storage business looking to improve their business competitiveness in the new normal should begin its transformation from now, in order to successfully take on the challenges of 2021. 

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