Electronic Commerce in Mexico ,how Has It Grown?

The growth of electronic commerce in Mexico in 2020 and 2021 has its main causes in the pandemic and home deliveries.

The growth of electronic commerce in Mexico has been developing unstoppably in recent years. For example , following the pandemic by the coronavirus, two out of ten companies using ecommerce had an expansion of more than 300% in 2020 , marking an extraordinary difference from the 2019 and indicates the study Impact COVID-19 For Sale Online Mexico (AMVO Report 4.0) on the growth of electronic commerce in Mexico in 2020 .

On the other hand, as for 2021, it is projected that for 19% of e-commerce companies in Mexico, online sales will represent more than 30% of their total sales.

In this context, knowing the evolution of electronic commerce in the country is of utmost importance for Mexican companies, as this way they can take the necessary measures to implement the digital transformation as soon as possible, adopt the online commerce model , improve eLogistics processes. , and reach a greater mass of consumers.

Growth of electronic commerce in Mexico 2020 – 2021

Although the growth of electronic commerce in Mexico in 2020 and 2021 has been accelerating, it is important to clarify that it is a general trend and that it cannot be reduced solely to the Latin American country. In fact, the volume of money that moves through online sales has been increasing year after year in all regions of the planet For example, the e-commerce study Latin America Ecommerce 2020 (eMarketer) estimates that 10.8 million consumers will have made their first online purchase in 2020.

However, the fact that electronic commerce in Mexico is growing, despite the global boom in this type of transaction, is especially striking considering the national economic growth. Let’s see:

During these times of pandemic, in which the State has had to implement measures of national confinement and social distancing, which, despite being necessary for public health, have had serious consequences for the national economy, but in the opposite way have had a positive impact on online sales . And it is that in this context of confinement and distancing, the study of electronic commerce in Mexico in 2020 of the AMVO Report 4.0 mentioned above, indicates the following data:

  • 17% of ecommerce has grown between 1% and 49%.
  • 8% have grown between 50% and 99%.
  • 17% have grown between 100% and 199%.
  • 13% have grown between 200% and 299%.
  • And 24% of ecommerce has grown more than 300%.

Causes of the growth of electronic commerce in Mexico 2020 – 2021

Among the main reasons why the growth of electronic commerce in Mexico in 2020 and 2021 has been and will continue to be the following:

Electronic commerce in Mexico facilitates social distancing

According to the study of electronic commerce in Mexico Online Sales Study 2020 (AMVO), 62% of people buy online because they receive the products at home. This is one reason that has always favored the rise of ecommerce . However, beyond simple convenience, home deliveries have become a fundamental practice to respect confinement and distancing measures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this way, safe deliveries have allowed people to continue making all their purchases from home and without having to go to commercial establishments in person.

Electronic commerce encourages internationalization from Mexico

As already mentioned, e-commerce trends have a presence all over the planet. This has meant that, regardless of the economic situation of each country, companies are being able to venture into electronic commerce to sell products to consumers anywhere in the world, without having to experience the relocation of the company. The same happens in reverse, since consumers in Mexico are being able to buy from online businesses in other countries with great agility, which facilitates globalization in Mexico .

All this is possible because, in general, the transport providers are the ones in charge of the international logistics .

Electronic commerce is an opportunity for all Mexican businesses

Whether new or traditional, e-commerce in Mexico has been an opportunity for businesses of all kinds , which have seen the Internet as the perfect showcase to reach more customers. For example, nowadays electronic businesses such as dark kitchens and dark stores are proliferating more and more , companies that manage to save a lot of money by not having to have physical facilities for customer service.

E-commerce in Mexico is cheaper for companies

Finally, the fact that selling online is cheaper than doing it physically cannot be overlooked . It is true that, in principle, the shipping costs and the logistics service associated with the shipments can make the purchase more expensive. However, e-commerce in Mexico is freeing many companies from the cost of maintaining physical stores , many of them in central urban centers where rents are high. Due to this, the business itself is the first interested in focusing its activity on online sales , which further enhances the rise of virtual commerce and helps explain the growth of electronic commerce in Mexico.

Examples of e-commerce in Mexico

The advantages of e-commerce have led to this business model being implemented in multiple ways. For example, there are companies that prefer to sell online through marketplaces such as Linio, MercadoLibre and Amazon. Others, on the other hand, are venturing into the modality of social commerce , which consists of the sale of products through social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

A prominent example of e-commerce in Mexico is Agrosuper. It is a Chilean chain with operations in the Aztec country, and which has its own online store . The example of Agrosuper is striking because it is a company that uses state-of-the-art technologies to improve the customer’s shopping experience during deliveries and optimize last-mile deliveries. 

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