Home Deliveries, How the Delivery Service Works

Thanks to the rise of ecommerce, delivery services are increasing in popularity. More and more people request home deliveries as a fundamental part of their digital purchases (of food or other products). However, there are still certain challenges that the delivery service must face in order to fully respond to market demands, especially in relation to home deliveries in urban areas.

Before we go into detail about the challenges of home delivery service , let’s first see how delivery works .

How does the delivery service for home deliveries work?

The delivery service is the one offered by companies to make home deliveries of the products that customers buy online or by telephone. This type of delivery is known as last mile .

In principle, carrying out the home delivery service may seem easy, but the truth is that several logistics stages intervene in the operation of delivery that must be very precisely synchronized.

That said, the delivery service for home deliveries works as follows:

  • First, the company receives the order, processing the information of the purchased product, the transaction and the customer.
  • Second, the company prepares the order, proceeding with the packaging of the merchandise and with its organization for the dispatch of the merchandise .
  • Third, the company plans distribution, designing distribution routes to make all pending home deliveries safely and on time.
  • Fourth, the company dispatches the order, shipping the product from the distribution center to the buyer’s home delivery .
  • Fifth, the company verifies the delivery of the merchandise , managing the proof that the home delivery was carried out successfully. Such evidence can be photos, signed receipts or other.

5 challenges of home deliveries with the delivery service

Although the challenges facing the home delivery service are varied, some of the most important are the following: 

  • Sustainable mobility for home deliveries

Sustainability is, perhaps, the greatest challenge of any economic activity today, and the delivery services sector is no exception. In this sense, the sector needs to implement the electrification of vehicle fleets to make them more sustainable. Especially with regard to urban distribution logistics , where the current trend is to limit the use of combustion engine vehicles on transport routes within urban centers and densely populated population centers. 

  • Efficient waste management during home deliveries

Without abandoning the level of sustainability, another of the main challenges facing delivery for home deliveries and other destinations is the sustainable management of the waste it generates. Currently, the sector is making progress to reduce the amount of packaging and wrapping present in package deliveries , as well as reducing the use of plastic in packaging, with the aim that it can be completely eliminated in the future.

  • Efficiency in home delivery and delivery routes

Another challenge that the sector must face, especially in urban logistics distribution , is managing and planning delivery routes as efficiently as possible. This includes the use of software and other technologies that help streamline the execution of delivery routes. In this way, its efficiency is improved from a point of view of use of time and resources, and the company thus manages to meet deliveries on time .

  • Optimize the supply chain in response to the demand for delivery services

On the other hand, the home delivery service must be able to respond to the demands and fluctuations of customers who are increasingly (in number) and with higher levels of demand.

In this sense, it becomes essential to carry out a correct management of the transport and of the entire logistics process for the delivery of orders . This will allow having the appropriate stock to respond to any demand in the supply chain and, at the same time, without this increasing costs in an unaffordable way. 

  • Improve the customer experience in home deliveries

Finally, one of the biggest challenges that the delivery service for home deliveries must face is to improve the buyer’s experience. If during the last mile the customer has a bad experience, their perception of the entire purchasing process and the company is negatively affected. This may happen when, for example, the carrier does not deliver home in the promised time, the product does not arrive in good condition or a safe delivery is not made with the appropriate biosecurity measures in the face of the pandemic.

In this context, it is essential that the company makes every effort to ensure customer satisfaction during home delivery .

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