How to Sell a Product Online, Examples and Steps

Knowing how to sell a product online is no longer considered a growing trend, but rather an absolute necessity for those companies that want to stay afloat in an increasingly digital and demanding market, especially considering the effects that it has had the pandemic over e-commerce.

For example, according to the report Impact COVID-19 on online sales – Mexico by AMVO, 5 out of 10 companies are doubling their growth on the internet. In fact, 2 out of 10 experienced a growth of more than 300% in the volume of business of internet product sales in 2020. 

Against this background, learning how to sell a product online is a requirement for the success of modern companies, since it brings great benefits for both the business and its customers.  

Steps on how to sell a product online ?

Next, we explain the steps of how to sell a product online considering key aspects such as the sales channel, product delivery services , the customer experience, among others. 

Choose the channel to sell the product

The first step to sell a product online is to choose the right digital channel, depending on which is the one that will allow you to more effectively reach your potential customers. Keep in mind that the different channels are extremely useful whether your business is mixed ( offline + online ) or only online, as in the case of dark stores or dark kitchens .

That said, the main online channels to sell a product are the following:

  • Online store : it is an e-commerce store that you can design in a personalized way and incorporate it into your company’s website.
  • Marketplace : it is a platform like Amazon, eBay or MercadoLibre, in which any user or company can buy or sell products online .
  • Social commerce : it is thesale of productsthrough social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, etc. Due to the rise of social media,social commercehas become one of the main trends in e-commerce .

Design the platform to sell the product

Once you have chosen a sales channel, the next step in how to sell a product is to design and create the online sales platform within the selected channel. To do this, you will have to carry out the following activities that will allow you to take advantage of all the advantages of electronic commerce :

  • Create a profile as a “seller” or “company”, in the case of channels such as marketplaces or social networks.
  • Customize the design and content of the store.
  • Upload catalogs with details and prices of the products.
  • Connect payment gateways, taking into account the variety of payment methods that currently exist and their compatibility with the type of channel you have selected.
  • Publish the contact information of your company, and its physical address if you have a physical store.
  • Publish return policies, ensuring they are as clear as possible.

Plan the product delivery service

One of the most important keys to the success of an e-commerce is that it offers an efficient and comfortable delivery service for the buyer. In this sense, when it comes to designing an order delivery service, you must take into account the resources you have and the preferences of your customers.

Today, some of the most popular order delivery services when it comes to selling a product online are as follows:

  • Delivery : the product is taken to the buyer’s place of preference, which is normally their home address.
  • Pickup & delivery : it is carried out by suppliers such as Rappi or Glovo, who are in charge of collecting the order ( pickup ) and then delivering it to the customer ( delivery ).
  • Collection point: the product is sent to a reception point outside the company, where the customer must pick it up.
  • Click & collect : This applies to companies that have their own premises. In this method, the customer buys online and then picks up the product at the physical store. 

Monitor delivery progress

For the optimal development of the electronic business , you will have to monitor in real time the delivery processes of last mile goods , so you will know if everything is going correctly and also immediately address any inconvenience that may arise. 

The best thing is to make use of tools that allow you to monitor the shipment through mobile applications and at the same time, that allow you to inform the customer in real time about the status of your order. In this way, you manage to reduce the level of uncertainty while increasing the level of buyer satisfaction.

  • Do satisfaction surveys on the sale of the product

Understanding how to sell a product online effectively is something that first requires knowing and assessing the customer’s perspective. Therefore, it is important to measure their satisfaction when they purchase your product.  

Therefore, the last step of how to sell a product takes place in the post-sale process, and consists of applying one or more satisfaction surveys to the buyer , such as the following:

  • Customer Satisfaction Score ( CSAT ): directly measures the level of customer satisfaction and perspective on the quality of service.
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS): seeks to know the probability that a client will recommend your service or product to others.

Examples of how to sell a product online

A good example of how to sell a product online is that of CIC , a Chilean company that provides furniture and decoration solutions for the home. CIC has different physical locations and, at the same time, sells products through the online store on its corporate website . where users can find catalogs related to categories such as bedding, dining room, living room , etc.

For the sale of products online , the CIC online store has a shopping cart and different payment methods, in addition, it clearly specifies the delivery and product return policies.

In conclusion, learning how to sell a product online effectively and efficiently is something that requires the digital transformation of the company, through specialized tools to optimize its logistics processes, especially those of last mile delivery, which is where it is has direct contact with the buyer.

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