How to Improve Personal Productivity, What NOT to do

Improve Personal Productivity – Read our amazing tips.

When you are an entrepreneur there are two unavoidable shrinkage effects.

  • The agenda becomes very small , where there seems to be no room for almost anything we need to do.
  • The days grow short . So much so that, when they finish, we haven’t been able to complete even half of what we set out to do.

Many times the feeling invades you that you are not making a step forward and you are not seeing results.

We suppose you are not really an entrepreneur if you don’t have that feeling that there is so much to do and so little time. Furthermore, this is not something subjective, anyone who takes their initiative minimally seriously realizes very soon that a company, especially at the beginning, is like a small child that needs 110% of our time and effort if we want results.

The point is that the days are going to continue to have 24 hours and managing a company is increasingly complex in a more competitive environment.

As we cannot change that, the best thing is to act on what we do have influence, ourselves and our way of dealing with tasks and personal organization.

Personal productivity has always been an obsession for us. We have studied and implemented every existing technique, We have tried every tip and tactic, and in fact We have condensed everything that really works into one book, Total Productivity .

And this is the first thing to keep in mind:

Before learning new techniques, you have to make room for them by getting rid of old vices. After all, you can’t fill a glass that is already full.

And a practical way to achieve that is through the lists of what NOT to do .

We are used to to-do lists, but not to this concept, which can be much more useful as a starting point. In fact, it has always been said that there are two more ways to run, gritting your teeth and walking or dropping the bag of stones that we all carry on our backs.

This is the second and the effect is powerful and immediate.

Detecting our weaknesses, putting them on a list and making it well visible in our workplace can make us aware of those things that take away time and effectiveness.

Discover bad personal habits

Since each person is different, one has to discover their own “bad” habits , but a good start could be this list of 9 bad habits to eliminate (link in English) proposed by Tim Ferriss.

Improve Personal Productivity

They are usually quite common among entrepreneurs and here is a translation of them.

  1. Don’t answer calls you don’t recognize.
  2. Don’t make email your first task of the day or the last of the night.
  3. Do not agree to meetings or calls in which there is not a clear topic and a certain duration.
  4. Don’t let people wander endlessly.
  5. Do not constantly check the email , do it at certain times only.
  6. Don’t “overcommunicate” with customers who provide low profit and demand high attention or maintenance.
  7. Don’t work any more to alleviate the feeling of overflow. Instead, PRIORITIZE. (Fundamental, because living on adrenaline and constant effort is very expensive).
  8. Do not carry your mobile with you 24 hours a day every day. Establish times in which to be free of these types of devices.
  9. Don’t expect work to fill a gap that should be filled by relationships and activities that have nothing to do with your business.

Without fear of being wrong, we believe that everyone (whatever they do) can recognize more than one thing on that list that could be advantageous to put on their “do not do” list.

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