Innovative products in Chile to sell in your e-commerce

Learn about the Innovative products in Chile, in the areas of food, beverages, groceries, personal and home use.

The Product of the Year (POY) is an internationally recognized award given annually to the most innovative products , with the aim of promoting the creation of new and better products by companies. On this occasion, as in previous years, more than 1,500 national consumers voted in Chile to select the innovative products for 2020 , which will bear the POY seal for the rest of the year, benefiting their positioning and sales. 

If you have an e-commerce business in Chile, having the innovative products of 2020 can be an opportunity for your company to boost your marketing and sales strategy.

How are the innovative products of 2020 chosen in Chile?

The innovative products of 2020 in Chile go through a series of steps to be awarded as such. First as applicants, then as participants and finally as winners.

Here is the step-by-step process of selecting the innovative products of 2020:

1. Registration of innovative products

All brands could register one or more of their products, which had to have the following conditions: the product had to be innovative in areas such as design , function , packaging or formula , and also be for sale in the market national.

2. Evaluation of innovative products by a committee of experts

Once registered, the innovative products went through a pre-selection process. At this stage, a committee of experts, comprised of recognized professionals in the industry, analyzed all registered products. Only those who met the innovation and commercialization requirements were able to proceed to the competition stage (called “Study”) for the POY award.

3. Study of innovative products by consumers

The innovative products of 2020 shortlisted in Chile went to the Study stage. At this point, the committee’s experts are no longer the judges, this task is left to the Chilean consumers. To achieve this, the consulting firm Nielsen conducted a survey of more than 1,500 consumers, who defined the final verdict. 

Each innovative product was pitted against others in its same category , and the winners were those who obtained the highest scores in their own categories. The evaluated criteria were attractiveness, innovation and purchase intention.

4. POY Awards Award for innovative products for 2020 in Chile

Finally, the innovative products that won were announced in a ceremony called Awards POY Chile. Since then, the innovative products of 2020 in Chile acquired the right to use the seal until January 2021 in their media campaigns, on packaging and at their points of sale. Thus, thanks to the use of this seal, the brands acquire recognition as innovative businesses in the national market.

19 innovative products in 2020 to sell in Chile

In January 2020, the innovative POY award winning products were announced . In total, 19 brands were recognized for their significant innovation in the Chilean market . 

Next, the innovative products of 2020 in Chile with the POY seal and that you can sell in your e-commerce : 

11 Innovative products in Chile

11 innovative food, grocery and beverage products in 2020

Regarding food, groceries and beverages, the following 11 innovative products of 2020 in Chile were winners :

  1. Vivo Fruta & Veggie: they are 100% natural juices created by the Vivo brand. Its two varieties, apple + pear + spinach, and orange + carrot, incorporate vegetables in a subtle and delicious way in the diet of young people and adults.
  2. Yoghurt Danone Edition 1919: Among the innovative products of 2020 , Yoghurt Danone Edition 1919 is inspired by a Danone recipe from 100 years ago. It is a creamier and more natural yogurt, without any type of flavoring, coloring, or artificial sweeteners. 
  3. Soprole Protein + Chunks: it is a yogurt high in milk proteins, in addition, it comes in two presentations, with pieces of strawberries and with pieces of blueberry and raspberry.
  4. Trencito: product of Nestlé, it is a chocolate flavored mousse with 61% milk. All these attributes give Trencito a unique texture and intense flavor within its category.
  5. Trencito Tubito: it is an updated version of the traditional Trencito. This time, a cylindrical-shaped milk chocolate with a dairy-filled center. 
  6. Chamyto Yoghurt: it is a children’s yoghurt with probiotics created by Nestlé, the only one of its kind in Chile. It can be left without refrigeration for up to 6 hours, it is free of artificial colors and it comes in three varieties, strawberry, apricot and apple.
  7. Sahne Nuss – Les Recettes de L’Atelier: is a chocolate bar combined with crunchy almonds, whole and toasted hazelnuts, and sweet fruits that offer an enveloping flavor.
  8. Quillayes Vegan Line: is a cheese substitute for vegans, celiacs and lactose intolerant. It is made with 100% vegetable products, coconut oil, B12, completely free of gluten and lactose.
  9. Rustic French Fries Grid Cut Sea Salt: Marco Polo’s potatoes are made with natural products, a touch of sea salt and a unique grid-shaped cut that provide a crunchy texture and unique flavor.
  10. Tucapel Plus Rice Flour: it is a flour that replaces gluten with lupine, linseed and materials of high nutritional value. This also makes it a plus flour, suitable for making bread.
  11. Viñamar Zero Dealcoholized: among the innovative products of 2020 , a high-quality sparkling wine with much fewer calories than traditional Viñamar, but with the same flavor as always stands out. 

6 innovative products for personal use in 2020

In the area of ​​personal use, the following 6 innovative products of 2020 in Chile were winners :

  1. Colgate Natural Extracts – One of the breakthrough products of 2020 is this toothpaste, which combines the scientific quality of Colgate products with the benefits of other naturally derived ingredients.
  2. Hawaiian Tropic Ozone Duo Defense: daily use sunscreen with a protective anti-pollution layer, which protects the skin not only from the sun’s rays, but also from impurities in the environment. 
  3. Gillette Aqua: the new Gillette is an easy-to-clean product that has a non-slip handle, designed to be used under the shower. In addition to its original presentation, there is also a version with aloe vera extracts for sensitive skin.
  4. Herbal Essences Bio renew: hair cleaning products whose composition is 90% of natural origin. It has aloe and algae; it is free of parabens, gluten and dyes; certified as a product free from animal testing.
  5. Pampers Pants Premium Care: disposable diapers adjustable to the baby’s body, easy to put on and take off. Thanks to its channels it allows air to circulate inside the diaper. It has a humidity indicator that changes color when a diaper change is necessary.
  6. Always Infinity: ultra thin, flexible towel with an ultra absorbent material that guarantees up to 10 hours without spills. Available in day and night versions. 

2 innovative products for the home in 2020

Regarding home use, the following 2 innovative products of 2020 in Chile were winners :

  1. Masterful Active Purity: innovative cleaning product that is friendly to the environment. Its formula has biodegradable ingredients and does not have colorants; its bottle is created with 25% recycled plastic, and is 100% recyclable.
  2. Ariel RevitaColor: Among the innovative products for 2020 , Ariel offered a solution to prevent fading during laundry. Thus, its new formula Ariel RevitaColor, has brighteners that enhance and take care of the colors of the garments.

Advantages of selling innovative products in 2020

The use of the POY seal offers great benefits to brands , enhancing their differentiation, strengthening their relationship with consumers, generating a positive impact on sales, among many other factors of commercial importance. And it is that the innovative products of 2020 in Chile with the POY seal project credibility, trust and become a reference for the market. Therefore, its use at the level of marketing and communication business strategies generates favorable results in media such as television, social networks, the website, on the packaging and at the point of sale.

However, these benefits are not only projected towards the brands, but also towards the e-commerces that offer them. Considering the reliability and innovation of these products, e-commerce can take advantage of them to boost their online sales. In fact, according to Nielsen Chile, 45% of global consumers are buying premium products online through local retail stores.

In this sense, Nielsen has determined that some of the factors that characterize a product as premium are: that it is unique (39%), that it is a known or trusted brand (42%), with a superior style and design ( 43%), with high quality materials / ingredients (56%). Factors that agree with the characteristics of the innovative products of 2020 .

Thus, e-commerce that commercialize innovative and quality products will have a greater probability of achieving sales success. However, online businesses not only depend on the quality of the products they sell, but also on the services they offer, so they will have to acquire technologies capable of improving their processes in stages as important as last-mile deliveries.

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