Internet Sales Sites and Pages to Sell Online

Although internet sales sites and pages were already enjoying very high popularity in the global marketplace, the COVID-19 pandemic abruptly accelerated the process of e-commerce adoption by both businesses and buyers. 

In fact, according to AMVO’s COVID-19 Impact on Online Sales – Mexico report, 19% of brands and businesses expect online sales to represent more than 30% of their total sales for this year 2021.

Faced with this situation, it is extremely important to know the different sites and internet sales pages that you can start using right now to enter the digital market with online sales . Today, more than ever, it is time for you to take advantage of the boom and the benefits of e-commerce .

Internet sales sites and pages

Today, online sales represent a very effective solution for companies that want to reach larger audiences. Any business that takes advantage of the different digital channels for online sales is offering its customers the possibility of buying the products at any time of the day (24/7), from anywhere in the world and without having to leave home, the latter thanks to typical ecommerce home delivery services .

Therefore, below we present the main types of internet sales pages through which you can start offering your products online .

Marketplaces for online purchases and sales

The marketplaces are platforms online where consumers and businesses can buy and sell products at the same time. That is, the merchandise offer is not made by a single seller or electronic business . 

For example, the giants in global marketplaces are Amazon and eBay , which have the greatest dominance in North America and Europe. On the other hand, Linio is a Latin American marketplace with a strong presence in countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Chile and Venezuela. Another example is MercadoLibre , the most popular online sales platform in all of Latin America.

In all these marketplaces you can make purchases and sales over the internet with B2B, B2C and C2C business models, and the most interesting thing is that in these, customers can enjoy home order delivery services. Also, there are other marketplaces such as Alibaba from China that specialize only in online purchases and sales of B2B businesses. 

Social media stores for internet sales

The Internet sales through social networks is what is known as social commerce . This is one of the biggest trends in electronic commerce today, and it consists of the use of platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to offer products online.

Social networks offer a high level of interactivity with customers and mass content, which greatly facilitates efforts to boost online sales and improve the user shopping experience. However, today, the payment process is still carried out through external channels.

The most interesting thing about internet sales through social networks is that these platforms increasingly specialize in offering specific functionalities for electronic commerce. For example, on Facebook, thanks to the Facebook Shops functionality, you can create personalized digital stores in which to publish your product catalog; The same happens with Instagram through its Instagram Shopping functionality.

Another of the sites for internet sales in the format of social networks in WhatsApp, in its Business version you can create a catalog to show products and services. In addition, the company recently announced the shopping cart function , where your customers can add the products they want to buy.

Own sites and pages for internet sales

A disadvantage of marketplaces and social networks for online sales is that the database of your buyers or potential clients is not under your control, but rather that of the company that provides the online sales page . For example, if you sell your products through Amazon or Facebook, the database of your customers belongs to Amazon or Facebook, not to your company.

To solve this problem, you can create your own site or page for internet sales , and the most common way to do it is by developing a personalized online store within your company’s corporate website. In this way, the database of customers who visit your page and who buy from your online store will be completely under your control.

Consider the example of page Internet sales of Promart Peru , a company that sells furniture and household equipment that has its own store online where you can see the different catalogs of available products, besides having also the shopping cart option. 

These types of sites and internet sales pages are very useful for businesses that are 100% online . That is, they do not have a physical space for the sale of products, as is the case of dark stores and dark kitchens .

Finally, the very rapid proliferation of online buying and selling sites that seek to respond to the growing demand of customers, makes it a top priority for companies to optimize the only direct point of contact with the buyer, that is, home delivery. 

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