How to Start Ostrich Farm Business ? Complete Guide

Do you want to start an ostrich farm business from scratch and make money?  Or do you need a sample ostrich farming business plan template? If so, we advise you to read on.

Ostrich farming has been around for decades, but people didn’t start paying much attention to it until very recently. Because ostriches are not as easy to find as other animals, ostrich farmers make more profit than other livestock keepers.

Ostrich eggs can fetch up to $ 500, while live ostriches can sell for up to $ 5,000. Yes, that is how profitable ostrich farming can be.

Starting Your Ostrich Farm Business Plan

1. Get Licensed : First, you need to register your business and obtain the necessary license to start an ostrich farm. You should also write your ostrich farming business plan and study all the ostrich farming rules and regulations in your state , including export rules and regulations.

2. Location -: Hello! Ostriches are very fast runners. They love to run so you need to first provide a large amount of land to raise them and fence in to prevent them from escaping.

Also, ostriches can grow up to 9 feet, so if you want to build a shelter for them, you need to consider their heights. Another thing to keep in mind is water because ostriches drink a lot of water. You can choose a location near a stream or build an artificial pond to allow access to an adequate water supply.

3. Reproduction : Due to the huge up-front costs, it is advisable for anyone who wants to start farming ostriches start on a lower scale. You must start with at least 1 male ostrich and one female ostrich. Due to the high level of ostrich production, you will have your hands full in no time. Therefore, you should not be afraid to start small.

4.Feeding : You can feed your ostriches fruits, tubers, grains, leaves and even small animals. You can also buy specially formulated foods to promote growth and productivity.

5. Healthcare : Although ostriches have a very strong immune system and are less likely to get sick, it would not hurt to have a veterinarian in charge to take care of their health and make sure they are included. costs on your income statement.

6. Nets – Ostrich farming is a unique business and not as popular as other livestock businesses and as a beginner you may find yourself in a confused state at times.

This is why you need a lot of nets to run a successful ostrich farming business. You should consider joining internet forums, watching YouTube videos, and joining ostrich farmer groups or unions if you can find one in your area. There is no limit to what you can learn from other experienced ostrich farmers.

6 Benefits of Ostrich Farming Business

We would like to start by telling you some of the benefits that you could get from ostrich farming before we go ahead to tell you how to start an ostrich farming business. Some of the benefits of ostrich farming include:

  1. Profitability: We already mentioned that the ostrich egg could sell for up to $ 500. Now imagine you sell only 10 of that in 1 month and that is a very cautious estimate considering the growing popularity of ostrich farming. Also, a live ostrich sells for up to $ 5,000 per one, which is a lot of money.
  2. High return on investment – You would also recoup your investments in ostrich farming faster than even pig farming or ranching. A single ostrich can produce up to 40 eggs a year and in 14 months, the chicks can grow to market size.
  3. Meat production: Many people do not know that an ostrich produces more meat than cows. A single ostrich could produce up to 1,800 kilograms of meat where a cow would produce only 250 kilograms of meat.
  4. Leather -: An ostrich can also produce up to 50 square meters of leather that could be sold for profit in addition to meat.
  5. Feathers-: Ostrich feathers are also in great demand by designers, decorators and manufacturers of furniture and decorations. as artists. You can get up to 36 kilograms of feathers from an ostrich.
  6. Easy to Breed-: You would think that with the amount of profit they make they would be very difficult to breed, but that is far from the case as ostrich farming is as easy as it is lucrative. All you need is adequate space, enough food and medical care and you are ready to go.

Ostrich Farm Business Marketing

This is very important information for anyone who wants to venture into ostrich farming business. You need to understand how your ostrich farming business can earn you some money. Ostriches have multiple uses and this means multiple sources of income for you. Some of the ways you can earn money from ostrich farming include:

  • Sale of meat- : Ostrich meat is a healthier option for pork, beef or even fish and it contains less calories and fat and this makes it very desirable for consumption. Besides being healthy, they are also tasty and can be sold for up to $ 12 per kilogram.
  • Selling the leather: The skin of an ostrich is also very hot. sale item due to the quality of the leather that can be derived from your fur. Materials made from ostrich leather sell more than those made from cattle leather, and ostrich leather competes only with crocodile and snake leather.
  • Sale of feathers-: No part of an ostrich should be destroyed because even the feather is useful. Ostrich feathers are used for decorations and furniture and are popularly demanded in the market.
  • Egg sale -: Have you ever seen the ostrich egg?>? It is the largest egg of any bird in the world and can weigh up to 1 pound. These eggs could sell for $ 500 and a single ostrich can lay up to 40 of these eggs annually.
  • Live Ostrich Selling -: As ostrich farming becomes more popular, there is a high demand for live ostriches for people who want to start their own ostrich farms. There is also a demand for live ostriches on the international market.

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